Ray Sharp

award winning composer

Ray tells stories through music. Whether it be comedy, drama, or educational, his compositions serve to 
e​xpand and develop the audience’s world view. Throughout his career, he has honed his craft, evolving from a pianist and a music director to a composer and a producer. Through his unique blend of live and digital orchestrations, he seeks to tell stories that leave a lasting impact and is looking for the opportunity to use his innovative, interactive musical skills to bring the melody, texture, and rhythm to your narrative.


Ray Sharp

Ray Sharp is a veteran pianist / songwriter in the DFW metroplex music scene. Ray began playing the piano at age 12. By 13, he had composed dozens of contemporary and classical piano solos. In high school he wrote and directed two wind symphony performances and began performing at restaurants throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. While in college Sharp supported himself by performing solo piano at churches, restaurants, hotels, and art museums. Ray was discovered by critically acclaimed Four Day Weekend while playing at a local restaurant and was asked to be a guest musician where, after six months, he became their musical director. Four Day Weekend is the longest running show in the Southwest. On Fridays and Saturdays the group performs a one hour and 45 minute show created from audience suggestions and participation at their 212 seat theater in downtown Fort Worth. Voted best comedy, Four Day Weekend is a Fort Worth institution.  They’ve been called Fort Worth greatest ambassadors, have been awarded the key to the city, toured Europe to perform for American troops stationed abroad, have performed for two US presidents and delivered a keynote address to the 
United States Congress. 

Sharp has been commissioned to write the music for two comedy revues, national commercials, television theme songs, short films, and video games. During his professional career Ray has released many full length albums. Exaudio (2001) Eros (2005) Letters for a Lifetime (2013) More Than Myself (2014) Smile Driver (2015) My Muse (2017) Beaten Piano (2019).  

Over the summer of 2018, Sharp scored two short films “By The Dark of Night” & “Second Skin” (both directed by Farah White) that have had successful runs at film festivals around the nation.  Ray has recently scored two seasons of the new TV show series “Yes & Yoga” for Amazon Prime and has released a kundalini yoga/meditation album under the same name.  

In addition, Sharp wrote, directed and composed for his debut film entitled “ONE”.  “ONE” combines breathtaking compositions and stunning visuals to illustrate the unity of humanity.  "ONE" has garnered 25+ awards including "Best Religious Short" at the Dubai Independent Film Festival as well as "Best Composer - Honorable Mention" at the Arrow International Film Festival.  

In the fall of 2022, Ray participated in an intense international composition training regime lead by composer Marc Jovani.  During this time Sharp had his music workshopped and honed with renowned film/tv composers Christopher Young & Javier Navarrete.

In the Spring of 2023 Ray traveled to Macedonia to record two original symphonies 'Friday Mourning' and 'Other Wordly' with the studio orchestra Fames Project.  While overseas, Sharp finished composing the score for the UK based comedy / horror film "The Haunted Studio"; due to premiere in August 2023.

Throughout 2023 Sharp has been composing for 2 major projects.  'The Stones Are Speaking' is a documentary produced and directed by Olive Talley about an archeologist, Michael Collins, that discovers and preserves one of the greatest finds in the history of the Americas; due out on PBS in 2024.  Ray has also been tapped to score an interactive flight experience that provides the audience the most realistic interstellar ride without having to leave Earth.  Many more details to follow in 2024!

Recently, Ray was thrilled to be honored with an invitation to join an elite group of international composers named Audio Artilects International whose clients include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Sony Pictures, Lifetime, Hallmark and ABC.

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